Things that will make you lazy

Laziness is okay every once in a while, but sometimes, we get too lazy. We might think it’s personal, but there are also items around the home that could be distracting you and making you feel unproductive. From the broken faux stone, to even some other small things, there are various items that can make you lazy, and this article will go over some of the ones you might think about when you’re looking to improve on being productive.


The first is your desk. If your desk is uncluttered, with messy walls and clashing furniture, it might be what’s to blame. Messes can sometimes make you feel a bit physically and emotionally tired, and even with implementing some faux panels in the area to help give it color, if your desk is a mess, it can be a problem. Look to your desk if you start to feel lazy, for it can be a major culprit.


Another strange one that could be the culprit is the color blue.  If you have blue walls, blue faux stone, or any sort of blue background, it can technically slow down your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, and even make you sleepy. It is seen as one of the culprits when it comes to laziness, and it’s definitely a major part. If you do have these colored walls, you should do your best to change them as fast as possible.


Your thermostat temperature is another major part of this.  The optimum temperature is really anywhere from 60-68 degrees, and often, when you keep the house really cold, it can start to shut down the body.  Often, if you do keep it kind of cool, you’ll be more liable to get tired, but if it’s too hot, it does the same thing as well. Be smart, and adjust your thermostat as needed for great success.


Our cell phones and electronics are often major culprits. Many people get woken up by these sorts of electronics during the night, and it can be a key player in why you feel tired, lazy, and the like. The optimal thing to do is to ensure that you do get the electronics away from your bedside, and keep them off to the corner.


Finally, look at what you have in the fridge. If junk food is a major part of your diet, it can be a big portion of why you feel tired, because if you have foods with a lot of simple carbs and laden with sugar, it causes your blood sugar to go up, and then you crash later on.  If you are thinking about where you might be getting tired, look no further than this, for it’s a major culprit.


Take a look at the lifestyle you have and see where the problems lay.  By taking care of it, you’ll be able to control and do what you need to do to have the best and most productive life possible.




Author: David Axton

Uniquely-equipped for buying and selling velcro in Los Angeles, CA. Developed several new methods for donating bassoons in Libya. Had moderate success managing soap scum in Miami, FL

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